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March 2, 2021

Ep16 William Kopera - Purpose-Driven Profits

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Purpose-Driven Profits William Kopera's origin story is like something from a movie. From growing up in South Africa and DJ'ing as a teenager to being a top club promoter in Dallas befor...

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Feb. 3, 2021

Ep15 Tyler Bossetti - Leveraging Credit for Financial Freedom

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Leveraging Credit For Freedom The word credit can summon feelings of anxiety, nervousness, and embarrassment. But, used correctly it can be the key to the expansion of our businesses and...

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Jan. 28, 2021

Ep14 Ryan Morgan - The Power of Automated E-Commerce

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Automating eCommerce We all know the explosive growth e-commerce has been experiencing and that we "probably should be doing something" to take advantage of it. But where do you start? ...

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Jan. 14, 2021

Ep13 Brad Benton - Custom Solutions to Win Over Your Clients

Strategy + Action = Custom Solutions to Win Over Your Clients Brad Benton is extraordinary at walking into a company and saving them massive amounts of money with his Managed Print & IT solutions at Xcel Office Solutions. Now...

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Dec. 17, 2020

Ep12 Brian Jenkins - Business Growth Through Personal Expansion

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Business growth through personal expansion - we’re talking about how your business may be destroying your life. Brian Jenkins is on a mission to empower high-achieving people with big g...

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Dec. 14, 2020

Ep11 Jaime Filer - Building Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Business

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Building Your Self-Worth to Grow Your Business Our guest on the show today has trained over 1,500 clients over the course of 14 years. Every type of body, fitness goal, and/or competitio...

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Dec. 10, 2020

Ep9 Bobby Stocks - Going All-In for Explosive Growth

In this episode, Strategy + Action = Going All-in for Explosive Growth. Strap in and start taking notes. Johnathan and I are bringing you a Masterclass in entrepreneurship with Bobby Stocks. From “falling in to marketing” to ...

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Dec. 10, 2020

Ep10 John Logar - Performance Mindset and Killing Ducks

Strategy + Action = A performance mindset and a plan for killing your ducks Just launching your business? Wanting to grow and expand your existing company? Here's the recipe: Watch this full interview with John Logar. Take ...

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Nov. 11, 2020

Ep8 Black Ginger - The Show is Working - Connecting is Our Oxygen

In this episode, Johnathan and Jason walk through some of the amazing stories they've heard so far from their guests, the powerful folks they have coming up, and how this show is thriving as the extension of both of their …

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Nov. 5, 2020

Ep7 Roberto Inetti - The Power of Speed in Business

In this episode of Strategy + Action = The Power of Speed in Business Two years ago at a One Million Cups event at Nadim Ahmed’s Venture X space in Dallas, TX, I saw our guest stand up and present …

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Nov. 4, 2020

Ep6 Laura Garza - Winning 2020 with Multiple Streams of Income

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Winning 2020 with Multiple Streams of Income Johnathan and I had an absolute blast with Laura Garza in this episode. A master networker and serial entrepreneur, Laura walks us through th...

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Oct. 27, 2020

Ep5 Nadim Ahmed - The Future of Coworking

In this episode, Strategy + Action = The future of coworking. Today, we are diving into what the next evolution of coworking could look like with Nadim Ahmed. Two years ago, Nadim became the first franchise owner of Venture X...

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Oct. 6, 2020

Ep4 Roshan P. Vani - Niching Down to Make a Global Impact

Strategy + Action = Niching down for a global impact It takes a sharp mind to start out as an Electrical Engineer, become an accomplished Project and Risk Management professional for a Fortune 500 company and then start your ...

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Sept. 18, 2020

Ep3 Stephen Olmon - Building a Thriving Business Ecosystem

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = A thriving business ecosystem Stephen Olmon is on the show today! Stephen is a former Management Consultant with KPMG and the former Director of Business Development for the healthcare S...

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Sept. 17, 2020

Ep2 John Selzer - Launching a Viable Startup

On today’s show, Strategy + Action = The Keys to Launching a Viable Startup I’m excited to bring you John Selzer to the show today. John is truly the embodiment of his LinkedIn headline - Helping Companies and Founders Realiz...

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Sept. 8, 2020

Ep1 Raj Daniels - Building a World-class Network

On Ep1 with Raj Daniels, Strategy + Action = A massive network and becoming a world-class Connector. We’re honored to have Raj Daniels on the first episode of Strategy + Action. He is the perfect person to speak to our …

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Sept. 4, 2020

Ep0 - Introducing Strategy + Action

It’s time to think bigger and make bold moves to create the life and business you were meant for. We’re here to give you the latest in marketing strategies and the confidence to put them into action. We bring you …

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