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Oct. 12, 2022

Ep52 Anshar Seraphim - How to Get Your Clients to Apply What You Teach

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = How to Get Your Clients to Apply What You Teach

In this episode, and the next two episodes as well, we've got on Anshar Seraphim.

I have had a blast getting to know Anshar over the last couple of months.  I saw him in Steve Sims' interview and just was amazed at the subject matter of different personality types because all of that fascinates me.

But then I got the chance to get to know Anshar and he is so knowledgeable and experienced in so many areas from personality types, to sales, PR, copywriting, and so much more.

What he's done to teach himself these skills is impressive enough.  It's even more impressive when you then learn about Anshar's neurodiversity - his being almost nonverbal until age 11, due to undiagnosed autism.  He's had to work even harder than a lot of folks would just to function in these roles, not to mention excel in them the way he has.

And that's one of the things that's so incredible about his story, certainly.  But what he brings to these next few episodes ... get ready, because you'll be learning a mile a minute.  And it's not simply knowledge for knowledge's sake.  It's how you as a coach, consultant, or business owner, can apply a lot of these skills in ways that maybe you didn't even think about before to improve your marketing, have better sales conversations, and even get your clients to apply what they've learned.  But in this process, too, we learn how to use the same set of skills on ourselves so that we learn better in anything that we're trying to do.

I'm excited to bring you these next three interviews.  I know you'll hear several things that affect the way you do business from now on.

*** Reach out to Anshar here:  https://linqapp.com/anshar_seraphim ***

Anshar SeraphimProfile Photo

Anshar Seraphim

High Stakes Negotiation Trainer and Applied Behavioral Psychologist

Anshar Seraphim teaches High-Stakes Negotiation, Persuasive Psychology, Neuromarketing, Interpersonal Dynamics, and Communication. His past clients include celebrities from the entertainment industry in Nevada and abroad, C-Suites, corporations, and individuals who are looking to hone their negotiation skills and learn how the power of psychology, neuroscience, and interpersonal dynamics can help change the face of the way they do business.

Anshar Seraphim can teach you not only how to close the sale, but to build trust, rapport, and make one-time customers into lifetime clients. He has trained sales associates and managers in bridal and engagement ring sales for Kay Jewelers and Jared the Galleria of Jewelry and has two decades of experience in sales and communication.

After helping to break records for fundraising for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for Signet, the company that owns Kay Jewelers, he was invited by his district manager to do sales and negotiation training for all the stores in his immediate region, resulting in the training of hundreds of jewelry store associates and managers in the Pacific Northwest.

Interestingly, he has also worked in the legal brothel industry, training sex workers on how to apply psychological principles to their negotiations for full-service sex work. His negotiation and communication training was responsible for increasing the gross sales of the top booking legal sex workers in the United States by over 300%, a success so significant he was invited to organize and implement training for multiple brothel properties in Nevada.

Anshar didn't get his start in sales like most people do. When joining the US Navy, enlisting for their Cryptography program, he found out that he had undiagnosed autism that should have disqualified him for service after already becoming a sailor. With a heavy heart, he left his military career to learn more about his Autism diagnosis and how to overcome and cope with the challenges presented by it.

He went into information technology and worked at his local college, developing his communication skills and working one on one with college students and faculty in their disability services program. He tutored every subject, from calculus to electrical engineering to astronomy to organic chemistry, and used his systems knowledge to not only help those in academia but also work on his own personal development in his weakest area, dealing with people.

Anshar now does customized negotiation training as a consultant, speaks on emotional dynamics, and advocates for the benefits that neurodiverse hiring can bring to the world of business.