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Aug. 23, 2022

Ep46 Jane Paterson - Developing Your Speaking Superpowers

Today we've got Jane Patterson on the show, having an amazing conversation all around communication.

She is an absolute expert in giving people the tips and strategies to communicate better, whether that's speaking from the stage, doing well in a job interview, or talking with your kids at home.

But her genius goes so much deeper than that for folks by addressing what's actually stopping them from communicating in the first place. And that is a big aspect of this conversation and to the subject of communication overall, that honestly, I just never even considered.

So I love this conversation because she is such an expert at this and we go down several paths including why it's so important to focus on both sides of communication:  speaking and listening and how you can do both better.  We also discuss what it takes once you have that intention to become better at all of this as well as why you should.

The art and skill of speaking go so far beyond standing on a stage and giving a speech.  How you communicate with folks affects absolutely every area of your life.  So why not be great at it?

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Jane Paterson


Originally from South Africa, I am a public speaking coach who believes that improving your speaking skills can change almost all interactions in your life.
My clients range from 15 – to 75 and come from all backgrounds.
I believe effective public speaking is not only about learning skills but, more importantly, about learning to connect with others.
My undergrad and postgrad qualifications were in English & Psychology. I was also an Etiquette Coach for many years.
In addition to my day job as a speaking coach, I write a motivational blog. I am currently revising my second novel (historical fiction) set in South Africa during apartheid. I self-published my first book.
As I always say: by developing your public speaking skills, you will be empowered to speak up, grow your career, inspire others and bring about change.