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Oct. 4, 2022

Ep50 Lisa Kipps-Brown - How to Thrive in Times of Transition

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Thriving in Transition. 

Lisa Kipps-Brown joins me for this great discussion around helping people thrive in times of transition, whether that's being at a point in your business where something major has to change in order for it to stay open, or if you find change being thrust upon your industry. 

Lisa's expertise is guiding people through those kinds of changes.   She certainly works with entrepreneurs, usually.  But even with that specificity, how she helps people really kind of runs the gamut, from helping those business owners with new technology or even put some systems in place so that they can either remove themselves from that business or set things up so that they can sell that business in a few years time.

She even helps folks who have retired and they'd really like to start their own thing to bring their expertise to the world.  And so now they're transitioning to that. 

We have a great discussion around all of these aspects of transition as well as her books and podcast.

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Lisa Kipps-Brown

Author, Trusted Advisor for entrepreneurs in transition

Author of “Disrupt Your Now” and “Boomer Cashout,” Lisa Kipps-Brown is a Trusted Advisor for entrepreneurs in transition. She helps solve big picture problems with disruptive strategy that bridges the web and real world.

A nonlinear high-level thinker and natural connector, she’s a 32-year entrepreneur and 26-year web pioneer who will help make your business more profitable and easier to run while you own it, and more valuable and likely to sell when you’re ready.

Her achievements include taking a business on the brink of bankruptcy to sale at 20x investment in less than 2 years, developing the strategy behind history-making NASCAR driver Colin Garrett’s 11/11 Veteran Project, and developing a digital Matching Gift Card Program that tripled CARES Act funding and got over $2.7M into 2 rural communities for COVID economic recovery.

Her natural talent for transforming basic ideas into disruptive strategy and valuable collaborations has people like Forbes 30 Under 30-listed blind PhD chemist Dr. Hoby Wedler calling her a "cognitive powerhouse." Steve Sims, author of Bluefishing, says she's a unicorn who bridges the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants.

She's the expert you're missing, and likely didn't even know you need. No gobbledygook, guaranteed!