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April 26, 2022

Ep41 Don Schmincke - A Scientific Approach to Business Transformation

Today on the show = A Scientific Approach to Business Transformation

We're talking to Don Schmincke today. And his consulting specialty is really unique.  At a quick glance, you think, "Oh, a business consultant goes in to help CEOs and their organizations to change and improve, etc." 

When you take just a little bit deeper dive, even past the books he's authored and the speaking engagements, you see how different his approach is.

Don comes from the scientific research and academia side of things from MIT and Johns Hopkins. And he's taken this approach to business that dates back hundreds of years that gets into the inner workings of humans, why they do things, and how to get them to do them better. 

We dig deep into how he goes beyond the typical strategy session that companies often go through - often immediately just jumping into tactics rather than zooming out and not just looking at the company overall, but looking at the marketplace, looking at competitors, looking at competitors you hadn't thought of before and really crafting a more complete strategy around that. 

Then these companies can go and apply the necessary tactics, but until you have that strategy, none of the tactics are going to work long term. 

I encourage you to jump into this full episode and see how Don developed and is using this different approach to consulting to help organizations improve not by simply putting a new mission statement on the wall, but by actually measurably improving the company with increased sales, increased market cap, etc. 

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Don Schmincke

CEO / Author / Speaker

Don Schmincke is the author of the Best-Selling book The Code of Executive and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal and USA Today. He is an Award-Winning Speaker, Researcher, Founder of the SAGA Leadership Institute and delivered over 1,700 speeches.