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Oct. 6, 2022

Ep51 Jay Haussman - Crafting a Winning Offer

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Crafting a Winning Offer

We've got Jay Haussman on the show!  Jay works with coaches, consultants, authors, and speakers ... helping these folks in the expert industry who are really focused on building their business online.

What we dig into deep in today's episode is crafting a compelling offer.  It's usually where he starts with someone.  Sometimes they come to him for that specific help.  Other times they come to him for his expertise in building a business online, but he'll still start with crafting that winning offer.

It's such a critical component of your business.  If you don't have that dialed in, nothing else really matters. You can run all the ads in the world to it.  You can have all the sales calls in the world.  But if your offer isn't really dialed in and what your audience is wanting, everything else is going to fall flat.  But when you have that figured out, it makes everything else easier.

So that's what we dig into today and including his journey to getting to where he is now.  I love the journey he's been on and what he's jumped in and done over the last few years.

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Jay Haussman


After a medical discharge from the US Navy in 2009, Jay had to become a full-time entrepreneur by necessity. He took an unlikely skillset he had acquired on multiple overseas deployments and turned it into the world's first online tattoo education platform - Tattooing101.com
This project took him through business school and all around the world - teaching and mastering the craft while helping tattoo studios improve their skills and get more customers.
In 2019 he sold Tattooing 101 to focus solely on helping others turn their own knowledge and expertise into profitable online businesses, which is what he specializes in today via his private consulting and software projects.