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March 3, 2022

Ep35 Craig Lillard - Building a Successful Company By Solving Your Own Problems

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Solving Your Own Pain to Grow a Successful Company

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Solving Your Own Pain to Grow a Successful Company

Today, I've got Craig Lillard on the show.  His company is ClipScribe.  It's an amazing tool for ... at its core, automatically putting subtitles onto your videos.  Automatically generating those subtitles that go on there and all sorts of design features and things like that.  And while that may sound so basic because we kind of look around and there are several tools doing something similar.  But, to be able to do it so easily and so well?  That's a different animal. I've looked recently, you know, at some of these other tools as I see them pop up.  And for what you get with ClipScribe, it's just unbelievable.

And now Craig is even adding training, and not just around his product, but training around turning your videos into way more than just a simple video throwing it up on social.  So we dig into all of that:  some of the training he's got going on, how he is very purposefully the face of his company, still, even though it's a SaaS company and some folks have advised him not to do that.  He's seen the benefits of that. And that's honestly a trend that I've seen some really high profile, very successful folks doing: being the face of the company but still being able to scale.  And because you've got that human connection, it actually helps not only in the beginning, but even as you grow.

So we dig into a bunch here around ClipScribe and his journey to get there.  Why he started it in the first place really solving his own pain points.  And then looking up and seeing, "Oh, wow.  This is a really good product and not many other people are offering the service."  And he's kind of gone from there and built on it and built on it all the way up to you know offering done for you services now through this platform.  Really strong.

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(And yes, that's an affiliate link - you can just always assume that if I have a link to something it's an affiliate link.  If that bothers you ... I don't care.)

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Solving Your Own Pain to Grow a Successful Company 
Success in business, and life is a constant back and forth of charting your course.  And taking the consistent steps every day to move forward is critical, I guess on the show range from hardworking entrepreneurs starting from scratch to visionary leaders of cutting edge companies looking to scale, I help you understand the strategies that are working for them, and actions you can take to model their success. For me, a show like this is all about joining forces with my guests to dig deep and create something new for you. Whether that's a small insight to get you unstuck or a path of massive growth through customized marketing, creative sales initiatives. Welcome to Strategy + Action
Welcome to Episode 35.

Today, I've got Craig Lillard on the show.  His company is ClipScribe.  It's an amazing tool for ... at its core, automatically putting subtitles onto your videos.  Automatically generating those subtitles that go on there and all sorts of design features and things like that.  And while that may sound so basic, because we kind of look around and there's several tools doing something similar.  But, to be able to do it so easily and so well?  That's a different animal. I've looked recently, you know, at some of these other  tools as I see them pop up.  And for what you get with ClipScribe, it's just unbelievable. 

And now Craig is even adding training, and not just around his product, but training around turning your videos into way more than just a simple video throwing it up on on social.  So we dig into all of that:  some of the training he's got going on, how he is very purposefully the face of his company, still, even though it's a SaaS company and some folks have advised him not to do that.  He's seen the benefits of that. And that's honestly a trend that I've seen some really high profile, very successful folks doing: being the face of the company but still being able to scale.  And because you've got that human connection, it actually helps not only in the beginning, but even as you grow.  

So we dig into a bunch here around ClipScribe and his journey to get there.  Why he started it in the first place really solving his own pain points.  And then looking up and seeing, "Oh, wow.  This is a really good product and not many other people are offering the service."  And he's kind of gone from there and built on it and built on it all the way up to you know offering done for you services now through this platform.  Really strong. 

I really dig Craig and so glad he's on the show today.  You're gonna like it.  Let's jump in!

Craig Lillard, welcome to the show.

Thank you. Thanks for having me, Jason. I appreciate it.

Absolutely. This is this is a blast. I'm so I'm so glad to have you on in talk to you and really catch up. This is fun. We're both from Dallas. Yes. You're still back there. Yes,

I am. Yep. Not originally from here, originally from Florida, Central Florida. But I've been here plenty long. 20 years or so. I guess. So. Yeah.

Yeah. It's, it's so so funny. For everybody watching, you know, Craig and I linked up because he got me with a Facebook ad. Back when I was still in Dallas and looking for the solution that that he has with clip scribe, and we'll dig into all of that. But it was so funny, because I was like, oh, you know, the ad worked. Right. Got me there. Got me signed up. This is great. Yeah, and he did he pings me. He's like, Hey, man, I'm in Dallas. You want to just like Blink up talk about the product a little bit. I was like, Yeah,

well, this I mean, it's so funny, because this could be an advertisement for video marketing, because I only reached out to you because I'd already seen your content on LinkedIn. And I already knew who you were even though I didn't know you at all, but I'd seen your stuff on LinkedIn. I was watching your your podcasts. And so when I saw you sign up and you know it was early days for Eclipse scribes so I'm I'm laser focused on everybody that signs up and I was like, it's that guy you know it's the guy from LinkedIn I know that guy so yeah, it's funny because the ad got you but your your organic stuff got me

that's so funny. I know I love it to me that's that whole little craziness is exactly what I love about social media. I love that video I love about this whole darn thing that in this tiny little way this stuff can happen and then over and over and over again and that's what I choose to focus on when it comes to social and all this stuff out there and I don't know I think socials exactly what you make of it. You know? It's the AI works right? It gives you back what you what you want.

Well, it took me a long Time to realize that it was networking. Because I came from. I mean, I've been doing internet business for, like 20 years. And I was very much an ADS person. And I still am. But a lot of us ads people who were doing Google ads, once we switched over to Facebook, we saw Facebook as ads. You know, it's just a new way to do ads, and never clicked on that it No, no, no, no, no, no, this is networking, which I wasn't great at networking didn't really know much about it anyway, which is why I was looking at Facebook as an ad platform, and doing it totally wrong. So So yeah, it's networking. It's this. It's it's connecting with somebody on a personal level, you know, building that know, like, and trust factor. So once I figured that out, yeah, that totally changed. You know, my perspective and how video is so amazing at doing that.

Oh, yeah. And I want to, I want to give the audience a little bit of, of context, certainly about what led you to clip scribe and everything that that it's about, but I want you all to know, too, I really wanted to dig in today and have this conversation around what Craig's doing with clip, scribe, you know, going beyond the product itself. But actually, you know, creating courses, educating, training around the product, and then ancillary skills as well. And I think that's a really powerful, effective movement that we see slowly rolling out across different companies. So that's what I want to dig into. But yeah, give me that little history before clip scribe. And what what led into because it certainly, you know, you were doing something very different and jumped into this.

Yeah. So I, like I said, almost 20 years ago, 2001, I started my first company. I mean, it was an internet company, kind of it we it was like we sold kind of like training materials to nonprofits. But it was a subscription. It eventually turned into a video subscription. And I was thinking recently, I was like, No, we had to be one of the early companies doing like a video subscription, where you signed up, and then you got video content. And but so I did that for about six years. And then I started a stock media company, it was kind of meant to be you know, most people know I stock photo, or like Shutterstock. This was when nobody was doing stock video. So repo stock is what that was. And that was meant to be like a micro stock video, we were meant to be the first company to offer video in that kind of model where anybody could go on there and sell stock video. And I didn't realize like how that there were other companies doing it. Starting up at the exact same time, I didn't realize that I stock and these other companies were all getting ready to launch video. So I thought I was really on the on the edge. And we kind of were anyway. So I did that for about 10 years, but it ended really badly. We got sued by a patent troll. You know, patent trolls are just all they do is is Sue they buy patents, they acquire patents they can use to sue other companies. And yeah, in my opinion, it's just a big racket. And you know, you gotta dig into it. When you dig into it. It just gets that rabbit hole gets crazier and crazier the further down, you go into that rabbit hole so that while that suit was dismissed against us, it had it and a combination of other stuff that done enough damage that we just completely crashed and burned. And just had to reboot, you know that that question? What would you do if you had to start over today? That was me and me, I had to completely restart, sold our house moved into an apartment, and completely restart. So that's where a lot of this networking stuff kind of comes in. Because I was an ADS person I ran ads, and what do you do, and you don't have money to run ads anymore. And I did not have money to run ads. And I was like, I'm gonna start doing local marketing. I'm gonna run Facebook ads and Google ads for clients and do web development, because that's what I knew. But I didn't have money to run ads and get customers. And that's when somebody was like, Hey, you should go to these local networking events, which was horrific to me because one they were early in the morning. And I don't do mornings or I didn't at the time. And two, it involved networking, which I thought I thought was just a waste of time, quite frankly. I mean, even when I would go to trade shows, I would only go if I could sell something like I had no concept of just going to meet people and network. So I started doing these little networking groups.

And we had you started and you started clip scribe. Now,

this is port subscribe so this was one hour I was just starting to do web development and run ads. And, and that was that was when I started understanding networking. But that's also the time that I started seeing Gary Vee, you know, doing his video stuff. You know, Casey Neistat, on YouTube, I was a big fan of his and seeing his video and, and understanding how he was, you know, if you're familiar with him, he's consistently putting out a new blog every day. And so all this stuff's kind of churning around me at once. And making me realize, like, networking is really important. And how can you scale that, and that's when I was like, video is how you scale networking. Like that's, that's, that seems like the only way to scale it where you can get that know, like trust factor, with millions of people, instead of just the few people you meet at a, you know, a small networking group every week. So all this is like churning around. So I thought, well, I want to start, like teaching people how to do this, and how to do video because every all of my companies had been video related up to that point. And so I started working on a course, on how to do that, and how to use video to, you know, to build your audience, grow your network, grow your business. And so I started making these videos. And I just remember sitting there one day typing in subtitles, you know, trying to copy what Gary Vee was doing. And I looked for apps that would do that. And there was nothing out there. It always blew my mind. And there was really nothing out there that would do that. And I'm sitting there hand typing them in, I got that question that everybody gets, you know, what if I could just do this, you know, what, if I could do this, what did I make this myself and solve my own problem. And so it was like the, you know, the the stars aligned, because at that point, I had all this stuff kind of come together from my last companies from the video side, from the programming side, which I didn't start out knowing how to program. I really, I knew some but I had picked up a lot of that from doing my web development. Just in the past couple years, I picked up a lot of the really hard coding stuff. And I just started building it. And I was like, the first day that I that I took out the string of it was just a video with subtitles at the end, that I had the code print out. And I laid it over my video in Adobe Premiere to see if they matched up and I hit play. And they just started playing back. And I thought holy smokes, I couldn't believe it. I was like it, this works. Like this is a thing. But I didn't know there's a market for it. So I thought maybe I'll do this as like a lead magnet for my course that I'm working on. Maybe I'll just give it away for free, if nobody really is ready to pay for it. And so that was kind of my secondary goal. And then right around July 2018, me you bought it like a week after I started doing Facebook ads. And I just started running those ads. And, like, within an hour, I started getting people signing up. And that was when I thought you know, whoa, like Facebook ads that work that quickly, usually means they're gonna work long term or they're gonna work for a day and then completely disappoint you. And that just started working and so I was like, this is a that's it. I think this is gonna be a thing. So that's how I kind of got started. Yeah, and

it really was it from from being on the other side of that it was a pain point. Right? It was it was a big pain point wanting to like you know, we get it we understand that okay, this is kind of critical now in social to have the subtitles on, you know, on your videos and everything. And I was digging in so yeah, we're talking several years ago when I first signed up and saw that but I was also I was comparing that the two three other ones that were out there, whatever they were, and just what you could do and how well that's the biggest thing that that kicked in for me was that quality of the subtitle creation so for everybody watching there's you know, obviously go check out clip scribe everything that that it does, but you know, there's there's all the graphic elements in the layout and everything you can do there. But the actual core like subtitling the automatic subtitling itself is so flippin good. And that was the thing that stood out the most back then. I used it probably a year or so. And then for a couple of years didn't off do other things. didn't do that. And came back to it was like, oh, yeah, I need to you know, I've got to start taking these out again, started this show again, you know, so I'm gonna need this. Yeah. But I also like, I love Craig but you know, let me see what else is out there. Let me make sure this is still the best thing you know, and I'm going glad I did, because, you know, I did a couple of free trial things on stuff. And I was actually shocked how bad they were. Because I'm used to good stuff. So this is really like recent data to this isn't, you know, you know, several years ago is the bat like, yeah, right, right now, like, it's still for not just a price point, which it is. But just that. I mean, it is there's so little that I have to go in and fix in the subtitling process. That just blows me away every time.

That's it's so funny, because and this is giving, you know, the maybe I'm a bit too transparent at times. But I mean, I remember when you signed back up, and I was all happy. I was like, Oh, he came back, I figured, you know, people are gonna leave. And that's perfectly normal in a SAS situation. And I have no qualms about that. But when you see people that leave, and then come back, it's really encouraging. And it lets you know, you know, that you're really doing something, right, when people leave, and then come back, and people leave for a lot of reasons and taking a break. I'm not doing video right now. So yeah, I was pretty, I was pretty stoked about that. And also that, you know, when you came back, I had put in stuff there, the bank you had mentioned before, that you wanted in the app. And and whether or not it was right on time, or soon after, you know, because a beat that feedback is so important. And I know you had given me some really good feedback. And some features were added in that I know where because you asked for.

Yeah. And and I just, that was what was, that was what was so fun, too. And certainly, you know, being you know, my Dallas startup world days and stuff like that, I got to know, a lot of folks who are in the trenches, and really putting these things together. And it was so great to, to have that feedback, like like this is, this is amazing. And I think for anybody, anybody watching that, that's such a it's such a selling point, right? I think, you know, before the call you were talking about maybe an approach you took before of trying to always seem bigger than you are and everything like that, for the for fear of the person on the other end going like, Oh, what is this? And where this is such a great example of the opposite of like, it was such a selling point to me, that I know, Craig that I can type in emails like, hey, this thing is kind of funky. And you know, it's 11 o'clock at night. And I'm answer for Greg. Yeah, I was like, oh, let's let me look at this, you know,

and huge. Yeah, yeah, that's, you know, it's funny, because in a networking group that I'm in now, that is for SAS, you know, company entrepreneurs. I even had somebody say to me, Hey, why are you on, like, your own page? I think it needs to look more corporate. And, and I was like, No, that's no, I don't, I don't want to look more corporate, like, I want my customers to know who I am. And that they can come to me and, and yeah, it was a big flip. Because then the irony of it is, you know, a part of me did wonder like, with with ribo stock? What if it all goes south? Like what at some point, it goes crazy, you know, do I do I want my face out there if it goes and it didn't go south, but the one saving grace was the the people that I didn't know. And even though I didn't want to be the big face of the company, I had built relationships with, especially our contributors. And and I remember one night, I had to send out a it was a blog post to all the people that contributed and sold on the site. And this was right after the lawsuit was dismissed. And we basically had to decide, are we done? Like we were in that bad of shape at that point. And so I was able to talk about the lawsuit. I sent this blog out, I said, Hey, everybody, you know, here's where we're at, here's what the deal is. Here's where we're struggling. And I mailed that I posted that prior to as a private network blog around 3am. And I went to bed mortified, thinking, I'm going to wake up to people that are furious and mad. And man, I got so much support. It really blew my mind. So ironically, it was that factor. It was the factor of caring and connection. That really helped. And I remember one guy who said, and I didn't really know him that much, but he said, you know, we appreciate what you've done and what Rivo stocks had done because we were very personal with our contributors. He said, I don't care if you ever pay me again, any royalties or whatever. And of course, that was not was not the goal at all. But the fact that somebody said that. It really hit me hard. And, and had a big effect on me. And that was the personal, you know, nobody wants to be have a personal connection with a logo, or a brand, or a company, or a corporation or a nameless, faceless, you know, help desk operator or a bot, you know, nobody does. So I do think it is a, you know, I hate to use the word strategy, but it is a strategy for anybody that says, hey, I have to compete with maybe a funded company, or a big corporation, or, or a competitor that got bought out by, you know, a huge competitor in the space. And you can do something that they can't, which is you can be a face and a name and somebody who cares about your customers. So I think it's a, it's a pretty great strategy. You know, like I said, for lack of a better term I do, I do believe that?

Well, it is, anything that you do, should be a strategy. And that doesn't, that doesn't mean that it's, you know, disingenuous or anything like that at all. And, and I've been seeing this more and more, some, some of the really big boys talking about that aspect to be that face of your company. Because I think in the, in the past, it's been such a opposing thing, like you can't scale and be the face of your company, you can't be you know, that you can sell your company later. That's why you don't name it after yourself, or, you know, and I think it went right along the lines with that, just like, you know, you're getting feedback from, you know, the folks in your SAS group, that it's not backwards thinking it's actually intuitive, you would think that would be the case. But we're seeing more and more of how this is actually how you stand out. Now, what's amazing is I'm seeing example, after example of people who are the face, but there's there in the back, you know, they're scaling like crazy as you go through their system, or you go through their product. Well, now you're going to interact with this person, you can interact with that person, this person is actually doing all the work, and you stay that face, and you're steering the ship. And there's still that connection. And that's where, you know, it's not Craig Lillard calm, you know, it is clip scribe. And as much as they're one in the same, maybe from a branding and communication with the marketplace. There's that separation. I think it's honestly, it's a perfect example. There's that separation that I don't expect, even with this relationship, right. Like I still don't expect if I put in a support ticket that it's Craig and if it's not what you know, like at all you know, I've got you know somebody else who's been on the show Chris Chris Walker with with legit and so many other companies. He even though there's, there's, there's a friendship there and the connection there. I don't expect it to be I'm shocked sometimes when it's, it's Chris, you know, because I know how much he's growing. But he's growing like you are because of that face because of that connection. And that and that really leads into one of the things I wanted to dig into which I was I really loved seeing was this I want to say new initiative, because it was very something you kind of just rolled out around education and engaging with everybody once you bring everybody up to speed on on that. Yeah,

so that's so it's funny because it's not really new, it's new and that I'm kind of announcing it. But again, it's something I've been working on for quite a while I just haven't really put it out there yet. So you know what one of the terms that I coined and this kind of grew out a clip scribe I mean, clip scribe was normally supposed to be a automatic Subtitler you know, ad headlines, do your videos, add animated countdowns, you know, that was pretty much it in its original case, along with some different layouts and stuff. But where it kind of went was how can you take one video and turn it into multiple pieces of content very easily. And and so I call that content compounding, you know, the way you invest in you, you compound your money when you invest, you, you make some interest, so you take that you put it back into the pile and you make more interest, he put it back in the pile. So that's what content compounding is, is taking one video and you know, making a piece of marketing and then taking that and making multiple layouts for it for every platform and then taking those and making little shorter versions for that you can use and making a blog post out of it and everything and then letting all those link to Gather and work together to compound the traffic effect. So one of the things people kept asking me was, hey, how do I do this content compounding. I mean, I know I can do it with club scribe. So I put together a course that you get for free. If you sign up for club scribe in this, it's it's basically an over the shoulder course with me, where I show people exactly what I would do, because it's my app. It's like Hair Club for Men, which obviously, I'm not a member of. But I am a member of club scribe, and I use it for my own content. So I show people how to compound their content the way I would do it. And then the other thing is something called 100 stories. So also something I've been working on for a long time. It's basically 100 story based content ideas, specifically for video, because they're story based, they work for anybody, any industry, because it's your story. And as you and I both know, stories are, you know, one of the most powerful, if not most powerful type of contexts, we all have a story, we all connect to stories, and we can all connect to them in different kinds of ways. So

it's how we go about member stuff way better. Yeah, just exactly. Sure. Yep.

So both of those are our kind of bonuses, even if you do a free trial for clip, scribe, you don't keep it, you cancel within like seven days, you can still keep both of those lifetime membership to understories. And you can keep that content company course, which also has a planning, Google doc sheet, that same thing, it's the same one that I use, when I'm planning out content, you can use it for a team, you can use it for individual. And I think it's really helpful, too. So all those are kind of free bonuses.

Yeah, it's really strong. And I think I think that the big lesson here too, is because it's almost like clips ascribe itself when you are solving your own problem, right? But you're identifying these needs, like you're going through, you're creating your own content for these folks. And and we all get, we get the concept. It's so it's so much so that when you hear someone say like, oh, you can take this piece and turn it into all these other things. Almost nobody out there who hears that now goes, Oh, you can like at all? Like, it's it's one of those things. It's like, Yeah, I know. But when it comes down to sitting down to do that, like, it sounds easy on a webinar when somebody's selling you something, but you know, and it's great. It's a great idea. But now how they do it practically and in some kind of time. And so to have that step by step. Again, it's perfect, because now you have this, this piece that you give away with with the the software itself. But also, I mean, that could be a, you know, LinkedIn event that you train people on and show and now here's how you do this. And obviously, great come over here to subscribe to, to make it happen. There's so many opportunities for that. But I think for everybody watching, it's the take that thought process, right? Yeah, well, how else can can I eliminate, basically eliminate the objections right from your body? Like, oh, yeah, I would buy that. But once I figured out how to actually turn these into things, once I actually have a video content strategy. Well, now you do now you do not, you know, going down the line? I think it's I think it's really smart. And it's, and it's well done. Right. So it is,

is built by somebody that does not like making video content. So, you know, that's one of the bonuses is that I'm constantly thinking, how can I make this easier? For me really, again, because even though I know how potent and powerful video content is, I'm not super, you know, organized administrative person, and I'm a Korean bride more of a creative than anything. So sitting down and doing the work of it. And, you know, I'd rather find other things to spend my time on. So yeah, it's, I'm trying to solve my, again, constantly trying to solve, you know, my own problems.

Oh, yeah. And if you if you've done, if you've done it at all, you want a better way to do it to from the idea from the batching from getting more use out of it, because that's, that's one of the biggest pain points is, you know, doing a show like this, like, this is a blog, this is the fun part. I'll do this all day long. I'll do this, you know, I'll do 50 conversations a day. I love it. Now, as soon as camera goes off, and now we gotta you know, edit that thing together and then put, you know, put the post out and all that. But also being in that cycle of you do this great interview. Put it out there, put a promo clip, a promo clip, and then you're like, guess that's all I do. I guess I'll go do another one. And so we constantly have that need and that desire to get more life out of this. And part of that is creating multiple pieces from it part of its, you know, having an ongoing strategy. So you're using this a little more evergreen Lee, if that's a word for going down the list, but I love this. And it also. Now you've introduced some done for you services as well, correct?

Yeah, yep. Yeah, I mean, that that came from, you know, basically me, me, again, making my own video content and bringing in a virtual assistant. And essentially, to, you know, like you said, well, coach, Scribe is super, I mean, it really is, I keep hearing more and more how great and accurate the subtitles are, you know, we're not, we're not in 2045, or whatever, where everything is completely perfect. And some people are picky about where line breaks are, I'm picky about it, I like it to be a certain way. So you know, I hired somebody to just go through, I upload my video, and they go through and just check everything over, put line breaks, where I would like them, you know, fix a word here or there and everything, which, while it doesn't take long, if it's a five minute video, it takes a little bit of time to do that. So I hired somebody to do that they do a great job. So I have more time to do other stuff that is is a better use of my time. And so I just started thinking, well, this, this could be really helpful. For a lot of people, especially people who don't, you know, May, maybe they don't have a great design set. So maybe creating a layout or a template is really not their thing. And that's a lot of people, you know, a lot of people, it's not their thing. So how can we go a little bit further and provide that service to people so that they don't, all they got to do is shoot their video and upload it. And then get back from us all these, you know, video clips, ready to go. And then they just have to post them. So that's kind of where that came out.

Oh, yeah, for sure. Once again, handling an objection. Up front, you know, yeah. Because that's definitely a stopping point. Again, if anybody's done this, right, like, you do it once or twice. And, man, and I feel that way about it. And, and I've been doing this for 30 years, right? I'm glad I know how but my goodness. Now some people, some people are certifiable, and they enjoy sitting there in the minutiae, and, you know, figuring it all out, but that's not me.

You know, which is, which is okay, like, you're gonna run an ad maybe, and you're gonna, you know, and you're just doing one video. And then you can spend that time but it's like you, it's like you said, I mean, you do a show. And if you're gonna do more, I mean, you got, you got to get the most that you can out of the shows, to get the most you can out of it. And, you know, the days of posting a single social media video without spending money on it. And it getting seen by masses of people are unfortunately, you know, almost over. So yeah, you got to maximize it. And then there's that long tail that you get, you know, so many people are creating social media videos, and they're not putting them on their websites. And that is, that is such a missed opportunity. Because that's almost your only long tail solution is to put that text on your website, so it can get indexed by Google. I mean, YouTube is another option there as well. But then, you know, you got to

get combos your website. So yeah, but that combo together is is huge. That's your evergreen play for sure. Yep. embed that YouTube clip onto your site with that text that you can put through for SEO sake. You optimize that YouTube video for SEO Video Search. And yeah, I've been it's been that's really strong.

Yep. Which of course is one of the things clip scribe does as well, you know, there's a Blog button that takes all your transcript and puts it into paragraphs for you and you copy and paste it, you know, put it in your blog and and there you go.

Yeah, that's strong. How's the how's the feedback? I know it's kind of kind of new how's the desert their data yet on kind of the 100 days of content plus the over the shoulder stuff?

It's still it's I haven't super pushed it yet. So I've done some mentions about it in our Facebook group. This clip scribe a user's group, but so far, feedback has been great people, people love it. People are signing up. And so yeah, and most people that sign up for code scribe are taking advantage of that. as well, so yeah, I'm really happy with it.

Awesome. Well, this is this is great what's what's next any any big shifts or anything like that on the on the horizon?

Well, we have some, we have some cool new features coming out, I can mention the couple that are coming the most quickly. And then we have a pretty big update, that's going to be following these two. But the the one that's coming up next is intro and outro videos, so you can add intros and outros very easily to your video. And just have them show when you want them to. And then something that I'm calling callbacks which are and for those that don't know, clip, scribe, the editor works based on your your subtitle based on your text, so you to edit something out, you just click, you know the phrase or whatever that you don't want, and it completely takes it out of your finished video. So there's no need for a timeline and splicing and zooming in, you just, I don't want to say that and turn it off. But you'll be able to select those blocks the subtitle blocks and do a callback, which is what you see a lot on video content where at the very beginning of the video, somebody takes a section from the video and plays it at the very beginning like a teaser, attention grabber to get people pulled in. Maybe it's a shocking something somebody says or whatever. So it'd be really easy to do that just check off the you know, the blocks that you want to show up at the beginning. And then you can do your intro and have it on there and then go straight in, you know, to the rest of your video. So I'm pretty excited about that. Those

updates. Yeah, that's great. Yeah, I don't think I even realized that that will editing that text in there will edit the video like having that I don't think I even realized that.

I don't think I don't, I think some people don't realize it. So when you're when you're editing your subtitles, there's a little eyeball icon on each of those blocks. And if you click that off, it edits out that from your whole video. So, so a real useful cases, a lot of times when somebody shoot a video, the very first three, three minutes, a lot of times, it's just kind of rubbish, they're looking around, and again, everything and their silence because you're not really talking. And so getting rid of that is literally just a single click of the mouse, but you can select whole sections and edit them out. So it's, it's, it's probably one of the most useful features. Yeah, especially

Yeah, cuz that allows somebody to go in and avoid the whole, even premiere side of things. They're pretty efficient with their recording to camera and all of that, like,

does. Yeah, I don't, I don't the only time I use now, or any of my content that I might use, like an After Effects or Premiere is about I have some kind of special effects, you know, that I need to do. Otherwise, upload the video straight to subscribe. And like I said, my assistant goes in, she edits out all the blank spots, all the mistakes, sometimes I'll just talk to her in the video, and I'll be like, hey, this I just messed up. So just take that out and just clicks it off, and it's gone and exports it. So yeah, it's it can you really don't need if you're doing content like this, where you're just talking to a camera. You really don't need those other video editors. You can do it all in clip, scribe.

That's great. Fantastic. So tell people where to go and how to how to connect with you.

Yeah, so clips. scribd.com is our URL. We're on Facebook, just search club drive. I think our address is like clip scribe, now we're on Instagram, but go to club scribd.com. You can do any free trial. And we have monthly and annual accounts. But with any of that if you do a free trial, if you sign up outright, you'll get access to those three things, the lifetime understories membership, the content compounding course in that content compounding planning sheet. And if you cancel your you know your subscribed membership within the seven days you still go to keep those so I think they'll be useful to you. Even if you don't decide to use Clip scribe for this very purpose. You can take the lessons from that and put it into whatever software you want to put it into.

Yeah, and I've gone through all of those to really they're really strong. So thanks, obviously I highly recommend everybody go check out clip scribe Craig, thanks so much for being on. It's been a

blast. You got it, man. Thanks so much, Jason.

Alright, we'll see you all next time. Thanks so much for tuning in and being a part of this show. If you ever need help building out custom strategies for your business or deciding what actions to take Next, head over to media leads co dot com and let's connect I'll talk to you soon on the next strategy and action