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Performance Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Transformation Expert & All-Around Swell Chap

What makes me qualified to help you overcome your mess and
live from a place of power?

Learn how I've helped others overcome their mess

Here are a few of my highlights, with low-lights after…

•Former Registered Nurse - Level I Trauma, Detroit
•Afghanistan Combat Veteran [disabled] (Army)
•PTSD thriver, advocate & facilitator
•Married, divorced, re-married same woman, 21+ years
•4 kids, a few real friends, 1 faithful Lord
•Even Flew to Grant Cardone's office without them knowing and started with a job 2 days later (that's a badass story that led to the business failure referenced below)

*I.V. drug & opioid pill addiction & a near-death overdose
*Losing my family
*PTSD diagnosis with multiple events in public, severe depression
*Moving my family of 6 across the country twice in 10 weeks after a failed business attempt
*Generally lacking any sort of character or integrity for years
*Wetting the bed until freshman year of high school

Still overcoming daily… but dry through the night.

End your frustration. Break the cycle. I can help.

April 11, 2023

Ep78 Adam Kasix - How to Overcome Deep-rooted Frustration

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Overcoming Deep-Rooted Frustration In this episode, host Jason Croft and the wonderful Adam Kasix talk in depth about overcoming deep-rooted frustration in life that sits beneath the sur...

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