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April 11, 2023

Ep78 Adam Kasix - How to Overcome Deep-rooted Frustration

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Overcoming Deep-Rooted Frustration


In this episode, host Jason Croft and the wonderful Adam Kasix talk in depth about overcoming deep-rooted frustration in life that sits beneath the surface and is at the root of keeping us from reaching the heights we know we are meant for.


They delve into the feeling of being stuck and the nagging frustration that can come from not pursuing what you really want in life, whether it's a professional or personal goal. Adam helps clients identify the root cause of their frustration and guides them through taking action toward a better future.


This conversation is full of energy and insights that will inspire listeners to take that big first step toward overcoming their own frustrations. Tune in to hear more about Adam's incredible story and his proven coaching process, The Seven Pillars of Revolutionary Freedom.

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Adam Kasix

Performance Coach, Podcaster, Speaker, Transformation Expert & All-Around Swell Chap

What makes me qualified to help you overcome your mess and
live from a place of power?

Learn how I've helped others overcome their mess

Here are a few of my highlights, with low-lights after…

•Former Registered Nurse - Level I Trauma, Detroit
•Afghanistan Combat Veteran [disabled] (Army)
•PTSD thriver, advocate & facilitator
•Married, divorced, re-married same woman, 21+ years
•4 kids, a few real friends, 1 faithful Lord
•Even Flew to Grant Cardone's office without them knowing and started with a job 2 days later (that's a badass story that led to the business failure referenced below)

*I.V. drug & opioid pill addiction & a near-death overdose
*Losing my family
*PTSD diagnosis with multiple events in public, severe depression
*Moving my family of 6 across the country twice in 10 weeks after a failed business attempt
*Generally lacking any sort of character or integrity for years
*Wetting the bed until freshman year of high school

Still overcoming daily… but dry through the night.

End your frustration. Break the cycle. I can help.