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Originally from South Africa, I am a public speaking coach who believes that improving your speaking skills can change almost all interactions in your life.
My clients range from 15 – to 75 and come from all backgrounds.
I believe effective public speaking is not only about learning skills but, more importantly, about learning to connect with others.
My undergrad and postgrad qualifications were in English & Psychology. I was also an Etiquette Coach for many years.
In addition to my day job as a speaking coach, I write a motivational blog. I am currently revising my second novel (historical fiction) set in South Africa during apartheid. I self-published my first book.
As I always say: by developing your public speaking skills, you will be empowered to speak up, grow your career, inspire others and bring about change.

Aug. 23, 2022

Ep46 Jane Paterson - Developing Your Speaking Superpowers

Today we've got Jane Patterson on the show, having an amazing conversation all around communication. She is an absolute expert in…

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