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Dena Woulfe

Dena, is a Functional Holistic Nurse who is dedicated to helping people identify and address the root causes of their health issues. She believes in using holistic, natural solutions to facilitate powerful transformations and tailors her approach to each individual's unique needs.

Dena is passionate about her work and is committed to helping her clients achieve optimal health and well-being. She does this though Biocommunication technology to find her client's food sensitivities, toxicities and deficiencies quickly. Within 8-10 minutes of meeting with her, she can identify your top problem foods, that are culprits to your inflammation and so much more!

Consider her your health detective.

April 27, 2023

Ep81 Dena Woulfe - Discovering Hidden Health Solutions & Building a P…

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Hidden Solutions and Powerful Networking Coaches and consultants can be instrumental in finding the hidden causes of problems in your business. Dena does that with your health. Welcome t...

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