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Since 2006, JD Gershbein has been at the forefront of the social media conversation. One of the world’s first independent LinkedIn consultants, JD pioneered a model of authentic business communication that serves ambitious professionals striving to make their mark in the Digital Age. As a speaker, facilitator, writer, and media producer, he draws upon his diverse academic background—a fusion of psychology, neuroscience, and the humanities—and the improvisation skills he honed at Chicago’s famed Second City to bridge the knowledge gap that exists between professionals and the virtual world. Widely regarded as a leader in personal branding, social networking, content marketing, video storytelling, and social entrepreneurship, JD is blazing a trail as one of the most original personalities in the professional development arena.

May 3, 2022

Ep42 JD Gershbein - Developing Your LinkedIn Mindset

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = A LinkedIn Style Mindset JD Gershbein is on the show today and we dig into developing your…

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