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Dec. 10, 2020

Ep9 Bobby Stocks - Going All-In for Explosive Growth

Ep9 Bobby Stocks - Going All-In for Explosive Growth

In this episode, Strategy + Action = Going All-in for Explosive Growth.

Strap in and start taking notes.

Johnathan and I are bringing you a Masterclass in entrepreneurship with Bobby Stocks.

From “falling in to marketing” to generating millions of dollars per month in multiple endeavors, Bobby takes us through the evolution of his entrepreneurial journey.

He walks us through the painful lessons of trying to do it all yourself and running too many companies at the same time, as well as the help he received to grow from those lessons:  his wife jumping in to build out processes and systems and critical coaching that allowed him to start focusing on his zone of genius and let go of the rest.

I love where we took this episode and it’s a common theme to a lot of the conversations we’re having - the human side of this wonderful world of business.

The messy, hard, “should be easier” interactions we all find ourselves in when building our businesses and navigating our relationships.

Whether at the beginning of our entrepreneurial journey or somewhere in the middle when we hit a roadblock - we all need to embrace the “human” side of business and realize that learning how to focus on what we’re good at and how to communicate better, as well as being able to intuitively understand another person - are all critical in life.

And it’s important not to get caught up in “I should be better at this”.  There’s no shame in needing to level up your interpersonal skills whether in business or your personal relationships.  We all need to constantly evolve and build that emotional intelligence.

We dig into the importance of embracing problems in business, the core pillars to growing, and learning how to do less in order to increase net profit.