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March 30, 2023

Ep76 Ernesto Mandowsky - How to Embrace the Chaos and Tame it with Systems

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Taming the Chaos as a Solopreneur


In this episode, host Jason Croft invites Ernesto Mandowsky to discuss the challenges of being a solopreneur and how to manage the chaos that comes with it.


Mandowsky shares his insights on embracing chaos and developing systems and processes to manage it effectively. He also shares his personal journey of helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.


This conversation is a must-listen for anyone looking to improve their productivity and manage their business's chaos effectively. Tune in to discover actionable strategies to tame the chaos and grow your business.

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Ernesto Mandowsky


Ernesto Mandowsky is the CEO of CPD Advisors. With a degree in Systems Engineering and over a decade of developing technology solutions at companies like Deloitte Consulting, Meyers USA and The Palm, Ernesto is an expert in designing systems to help leaders scale their organizations.

Ernesto helps early-stage founders transform their operations by designing business systems utilizing his proprietary 6P Playbook. Outside of his work with founders, Ernesto is passionate about building the sustainable entrepreneurship community.