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March 17, 2023

Ep73 Anke Herrmann - Realizing When Tech is the Least of Your Problems

Welcome to episode 73 of Strategy + Action, where we explore the intersection of business strategy and action with industry experts. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of speaking with Anke Herrmann, an author, business coach, and online tech mentor.

We dig in deep on today's topic: Tech is the Least of Your Problems, delving into the misconception that many entrepreneurs have when building their business online. They often believe that technology is the biggest obstacle to success, but in reality, it's just a small piece of the puzzle and probably not the step they should start with.

Anke shares her insights and experiences working with clients who come to her with what they think are tech problems when trying to put their business together online or transitioning from one-on-one coaching to creating a course. She explains that many of these so-called tech issues, such as choosing the right platform, are not the real problems at all. Instead, they have yet to address the crucial steps that come before choosing a platform.

Throughout the episode, we talk about how Anke peels back the layers for her clients, helping them decide if the software they thought they needed is the right tool for the job and more importantly, helping them focus on the essential aspects and real next steps in the process of building their business.

Anke also stresses the importance of meeting clients where they are and understanding the problems they're struggling with the most. By making clients feel heard and understood, even if their issues aren't the ultimate problem, entrepreneurs can build trust and establish a strong foundation for their businesses.

This is a must-listen for anyone looking to avoid common pitfalls and achieve long-term success.

So tune in to episode 73 of Strategy + Action with guest Anke Herrmann, and discover why tech is the least of your problems when it comes to building a thriving online business.

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Anke Herrmann

Author of Taming the Tech Monster

Anke is an online tech expert, coach and author of Taming the Tech Monster.
She started her entrepreneurial journey in 2004 when she quit her software developer job in the UK, moved to Spain and started a sewing business. It felt like riding a wild elephant until she realized that building a business really is a creative process, the same as sewing a dress or developing software - a magical mix of vision, skill and soul.
She now uses everything she's learnt about tech, teaching and business to help mission-driven coaches, authors & educators deliver impactful online offers without tech headaches, so they can serve their clients in a bigger way and take their big vision project from "One day .." to "Mission accomplished!".