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March 15, 2023

Ep72 Markus Kaulius - The Staggering Power of Getting 1% Better

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Staggering Power of 1% Better


I am beyond excited to have Markus Kaulius as our guest today.  Markus is the CEO of the sports nutrition powerhouse, Magnum Nutraceuticals which he built from the ground up over the last 18 years.  


He is also an incredible leader and global speaker, helping high achievers find fulfillment beyond career success and guiding them toward living a truly meaningful life.  With his unique perspective and vast experience, Markus shares insights on how to balance the pursuit of career success with personal fulfillment, and how to create a holistic approach to your life's goals. 


Markus's energy and passion are contagious, and you will feel his excitement as he shares his wisdom and insights with us. 


Get ready to be inspired by Markus Kaulius on Strategy + Action. 


Let's dive in!

Markus KauliusProfile Photo

Markus Kaulius

Global Speaker | Entrepreneur & CEO | Author

Markus Kaulius is an 8-figure serial entrepreneur and the founder of The Energy of Success Corp.

After making his first million in his 20s, Markus took his supplement company from startup to $170 Million and has helped clients worldwide lose over 3 million pounds. In addition, he advises multiple 8-figure health supplement companies on growth strategy and was voted “Top 30 Entrepreneurs to Watch in 2022” by the NYC Journal.

As a thought leader in the industry, Markus’ insights have been featured in major media such as PBS, Fox News, and CNN. He speaks regularly to audiences of over 700 thousand on mainstream podcasts, works with multiple UFC and Bellator Champions, and collaborates with hundreds of industry influencers with a collective online reach in the tens of millions.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, Markus is an elite health and wellness practitioner himself. He has been featured in 20+ magazines, including 15 covers, for major industry publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Status Fitness, and Ironman Magazine to name a few. With an online following of over 300 thousand, Markus shares daily insights with his community spanning business strategy, mindset, health, and most important of all, faith.

Markus’ impact goes well beyond business. As an avid believer in God, he regularly gives back in service of others through various philanthropic activities that support kids in Haiti, rising leaders in Rwanda and Uganda, local community missions to feed the hungry, and running local gatherings that introduce people to the word of God.

Through his new venture, The Energy of Success, Markus is committed to sharing lessons learned from his entrepreneurial journey to help other high achievers break free from imbalance and feelings of discontent so they can find fulfillment beyond career success.