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Nov. 5, 2020

Ep7 Roberto Inetti - The Power of Speed in Business

Ep7 Roberto Inetti - The Power of Speed in Business

In this episode of Strategy + Action = The Power of Speed in Business

Two years ago at a One Million Cups event at Nadim Ahmed’s Venture X space in Dallas, TX, I saw our guest stand up and present the concept of his new company, ROBOAMP, and the solution it provided - a massively improved mobile web experience.

Roberto Inetti has gone on to build that company up to ten employees, a solid client base, a recent round of funding, and an astounding first place prize at a pitch competition sponsored by mega-accelerator techstars. 

Johnathan King and I dig into how Roberto and his team have delivered on that promise of a faster mobile experience, the millions of dollars it can make for their clients, and the incredible human benefit that has the ability to affect billions of people around the world.

With a single line of code, ROBOAMP can make a mobile site load 400-600x faster, and deliver a beautiful experience at the same time.

Even though like Roberto mentions, in “startup time” a month can feel like an eternity, what he has built with ROBOAMP in two short years is amazing.