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March 3, 2023

Ep68 Terry Bean - Connecting, Powerful Coaching, and Guiding the Next Generation

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Connecting, Powerful Coaching, & Guiding the Next Generation

In this episode, we welcome the amazing coach, speaker, and author Terry Bean to the show. 

Terry shares that even though how he markets and approaches his coaching practice may be unconventional to some, the results are powerful.  We talk about how the best way to get results and progress faster is by going full speed in a direction and shifting course as necessary.   Terry has taken that approach not only in his coaching but also as an author and in building an incredible network.

Our conversation also delves into Terry's upcoming book, Finding Harmony, which has a powerful origin story that Terry shares with us. 

And of course, we get into one of Terry's superpowers, which is networking.  He takes us through how he first got started building impactful networks of people and how it changed everything for him.

You're going to love this episode with Terry Bean.  Make sure you reach out and see how Terry can help you develop your ultimate human potential.

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Terry Bean

Human Potential Maximizer

Terry Bean has served as the managing director of TRYBEAN, LLC and the executive producer of TEDxDetroit since 2009. A master networker, sought-after presenter and growth coach, Terry Bean has been dazzling audiences and spurring growth in others since 2007.