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Feb. 28, 2023

Ep67 Robert Peterson - How to Create Happiness as an Entrepreneur

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Cultivating Happiness as an Entrepreneur 

Robert Peterson is on the show today and we have a phenomenal conversation around the idea of happiness and what it means to really have that in your life as an entrepreneur.

If you're working for someone else, all of these same things apply, but we find that as an entrepreneur, it's even harder to cultivate at times because there doesn't ever seem to be a time to "switch off".  Especially if you haven't established those boundaries yet and structured your business in a way that allows you to have that "off" time away from the business.  

Robert and his wife, Noelle have built a coaching practice around this idea of finding that core element of why you started your business in the first place and making sure that you bring that front and center and use that as a filter to make some structural changes around everything that you do in your life and business.  

And we're not talking about making the business the core thing in your life above family or other relationships.  

Quite the opposite. 

So often we start a business for the freedom it can provide and to be in control of when we spend time with those close to us, and then that's the last thing we end up being able to do.  

What Robert is helping entrepreneurs do is define that core reason, set that as the primary goal, and build their business and life around it so that it's protected and they're moving towards that on a consistent basis. 

Check out this full episode and then reach out to see how Robert and Noelle can help you and your business.

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Robert Peterson

Smiling Entrepreneur Coach

Robert is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners step into their happiness and emotional freedom by taking control of their time. He is the other half of the Smiling Coaching Couple and author of Entrepreneur Mindset $hift. Robert helps entrepreneurs own their $hit to take responsibility for what they want and take the steps necessary to reach their dreams.

He works with you on your daily goals for your business and your life by raising awareness of your calendar, thoughts and values so that you can retake control of the hours you have.