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Feb. 2, 2023

Ep65 Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark - How to Develop Influence to Impact the World

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = The Real Power of Influence

Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark is on the show to join me in digging into the topic of influence. Danielle shares her unique perspective on the idea of having influence over herself and then moving through the world in a way that influences others.

She has been involved in digital marketing for 15 years. Her company, Influence Builder, focuses on digital marketing and influencer marketing, with a further focus on building community. She recommends that people build their community on the platform they are most comfortable with and where their ideal clients are most active. Additionally, she notes that a third of LinkedIn users are not on any other social media platform, making it a potential option for building community.

Being influential starts from within, learning to be balanced and show up at your best.  Emotional intelligence is key to being influential and is a pathway that business owners should focus on in 2023. Influencing is much deeper than manipulating others and making sales; it is more foundational and speaks to those who may not consider themselves influential.

Everyone has intentions and ways of moving through the world, whether they have taken the time to formalize them into goals or not. When someone takes the time to influence themselves by knowing who they are and what their mission is, they gain confidence. This confidence is attractive and also creates a ripple effect that attracts other influential people.

Knowing what you are here to do and leading by example is the key to becoming an influential force in this world.  There are three circles of influence, starting with yourself and then expanding to those with whom you have a trust factor and then those with a curiosity factor.  To reach more people and be an example for more, the next step is to know the direction in which you want to go.

Danielle believes that before beginning a strategy, it is essential to have the right mindset. This will help ensure that the right direction is taken and that any necessary pivots or switches in direction can be made quickly and effectively. Knowing where you want to go in your business is the next step, and it is important to take incremental steps in that direction rather than running full speed without a plan.

Check out this amazing episode and learn how truly be influential.

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Danielle Fitzpatrick Clark

Chief Digital Disruptor

Danielle has been in the digital marketing space for 15+ years. She has worked with and is working with some of the biggest brands in the industry, all on disruptive digital marketing. While other people and companies are following, she works with the brands that are disrupting.

Influencers and mission-based entrepreneurs hire her to show them how to disrupt their niche, create impact, influence and powerful online platforms and multiple income streams in their business. Her client's reach multiple 6 and 7-figure business income levels, quickly and effectively, avoiding dead ends, massive gaps, and instead building strong foundations, online communities, and lasting results for both them and those they serve.