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Jan. 5, 2023

Ep61 James Shockley - Building Automation Into Your Sales and Marketing

James Shockley the founder of Marketing Mate is on the show today and we're talking all about bringing automation to your sales and marketing inside your business.

With Marketing Mate, James helps coaches and consultants automate and streamline their sales and marketing processes. James and his team have developed a platform that goes beyond the typical CRM and helps automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for more important and meaningful work.

If you're a coach or consultant looking to streamline your business and save time, this episode is definitely worth a listen. 

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James Shockley


Started first company when I was 19 creating Snapchat Geofilters. I started off working with small mom and pop restaurants and ended up working with Hard Rock Cafe, IHOP, Maseratti, ran a Super Bowl campaign for skechers. Started Social Movement Media in 2018 and quickly became one of the largest cannabis related marketing agencies in the midwest. I have then acted as fractional CMO for numerous businesses and now have a software company that does business automation - helping businesses and entrepreneurs build the perfect system for their company.