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Sept. 18, 2020

Ep3 Stephen Olmon - Building a Thriving Business Ecosystem

Ep3 Stephen Olmon - Building a Thriving Business Ecosystem

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = A thriving business ecosystem

Stephen Olmon is on the show today!

Stephen is a former Management Consultant with KPMG and the former Director of Business Development for the healthcare SaaS company, SimpleLTC.

I got to know Stephen very well over the last few years at the Tuesday morning coffee meetup, where Stephen co-hosted with me for a while.

I am always impressed with the insights he brings to every business discussion we’ve ever had. I’ve watched him guide startups and seasoned business owners alike time and again in those Tuesday meetings, bringing clarity, brilliant tactics, and introductions to the right people to each of them.

Now, in addition to being a husband and proud papa of two, he is the owner of Olmon Ventures.

I am very intrigued by his LinkedIn headline that simply states, “50 companies by 2050”.  I have a feeling that it’s a metric that is strongly tied to the personal business ecosystem that he’s creating, which, in his words is made up of multiple partners, some overlapping, and creating service companies that serve the other companies within the ecosystem.

Let’s dive into exactly what that means, the scope of it all, and the strategies you can take to apply to your own endeavors.

To link up with Stephen, make sure you head over to https://www.stephenolmon.com/ .