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Sept. 30, 2021

Ep26 JP Clement - Using the Power of Data for Marketing Innovation

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Innovating Your Marketing with Data.

I'm excited to bring you this interview with JP Clement.  He is the CEO of Boomtime, a digital marketing agency with a hyperfocus on data.  They are data centric in everything they do from the time a client comes on board, all the way through a campaign through, to six months down the road to the wrap-up of a client engagement and really digging into it.

So many of the insights around their approach  just blew me away.  One of the biggest, though, was how they tell a story around the data, both internally and with their clients.  Data is great, but without  the context of how it applies to your business and what to do with it, it's not much of an asset.

And another really impressive aspect of their agency is their internal proprietary software - Fuse.  It's a marketing differentiator, which we get into, but also, it's used to run their entire agency and is why they can do so as efficiently as they do.

And we just have a blast talking marketing like we did offline after connecting a couple of weeks ago on LinkedIn.  So enjoy two marketing nerds kind of geeking out and diving deep on the power of using data to exponentially grow your marketing results.


Make sure you connect with JP on LinkedIn and visit Boomtime.com to learn more about the agency.