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Sept. 14, 2021

Ep25 Chris M Walker - Fast-Action as a Competitive Advantage

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Using Fast-Action as a Competitive Advantage

The great Chris M. Walker is on the show today!

Chris is a powerhouse in the world of search engine optimization with his Superstar SEO brand and Superstar Academy.  But in the last couple of years he has expanded his entrepreneurial empire rapidly.

In fact that's what I want to talk to him about today - the speed of that expansion and how he's done it.  From starting a massive freelancer marketplace, Legiit, to expanding that recently with Legiit Leads, Audiit, ContentPress, and a recent acquisition of Snapt.

I'm so impressed with who Chris is - from his strong work ethic to how much he cares for other people.  I had the good fortune to have Chris on The Jason Croft Show a few years ago and I've been ecstatic to see his rapid growth as he applies that drive to every business he starts.

We dig into:

  • Building a two-sided marketplace.
  • Starting a new company/offering to grow an existing one.
  • The pros and cons of adding a SaaS solution to your business.
  • The critical skills needed to scale from freelancer to business owner.


Make sure you check out this episode and then reach out and connect with Chris to see how one of his many brands can help your company.