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Sept. 9, 2021

Ep24 David Shaw - Innovating with the Department of Defense

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Innovating with the Department of Defense

You probably aren't having daily conversations around spiral-based signal modulation.  But I promise you, once you grasp the size of the impact it can have on our world, you're going to sit up and take notice.

David Shaw is on the show today.  He is a co-founder and the Chief Commercialization Officer at Astrapi, a National Science Foundation-funded company that is the leader in this revolutionary method of communication, spiral-based signal modulation.

Astrapi's tech isn't some incremental improvement on the speed and security of our communication technologies.  This is a complete shift at the core of all of it.

Besides being a great guy I've had the good fortune to know for several years now, I wanted to bring David on the show to share this incredible tech Astrapi is building, plus dig into what it's like as a "dual-use" company:  servicing both the private sector and the US Government.

David walks us through the pain points and the benefits to working with the government and when a company should consider doing so.


To find out more about the David and the rest of the team at Astrapi, go to https://www.astrapi-corp.com/