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March 5, 2021

Ep20 Craig Severinsen - Being a Great Leader to Be Great at Sales

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Being Great at Sales Means Being a Great Leader

Craig Severinsen is an incredible business coach who guides his clients on how to sell higher-ticket packages and do it from a place of confidence.

He shows them how to go from being a service provider to being a business resource to their clients.

Johnathan and I dig deep with Craig on the importance of showing up as a leader in your industry in order to truly serve your clients.

We cover that and a flood of other juicy topics:

- Providing a result vs. providing a service.

- Operating as a leader now, not "someday".

- Stepping into the role of being an expert.

- Signing up for being an entrepreneur is signing up for a lifetime of self-development.

- Asking the tough questions during a sales call.


And check out Craig's new show, Built to Scale - https://builttoscalehq.com/