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Sept. 17, 2020

Ep2 John Selzer - Launching a Viable Startup

Ep2 John Selzer - Launching a Viable Startup

On today’s show, Strategy + Action = The Keys to Launching a Viable Startup

I’m excited to bring you John Selzer to the show today.

John is truly the embodiment of his LinkedIn headline - Helping Companies and Founders Realize Their Vision.  While broad in scope, that description matches what’s at the heart of everything John does.  He’s built a consulting firm, Septariate, around this mission.  He’s an executive volunteer for the Prison Entrepreneurship Program to extend the mission to those who wouldn’t otherwise have access.  And I’ve watched him live that mission at least a hundred times on Tuesday mornings, helping both new and seasoned entrepreneurs get past a hurdle in their business.

So often it’s the “unsexy” things that make the difference in a startup and allow the company to scale - or heck, even just stay alive from year one to year two.  When a company gets funded or goes through an acquisition, we don’t usually hear about the CRM their sales team had in place or that the founder “kept his cap table clean”.  And because of that, company founders miss so many of the fundamental elements of business that investors look for and that keep a company in business.

John not only has the knowledge to guide startups through these fundamentals, he does everything he can to help as many of them as possible, conveying that knowledge in a way they can understand.

And last but not least, when you need sarcastic comments thrown into any public gathering, this is the guy to call.  Welcome to the show, John Selzer.