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March 3, 2021

Ep18 John Hill - Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Ep18 John Hill - Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Avoiding Entrepreneurial Blind Spots

With twenty years in sales and a passion for developing systems, John Hill is a big fan of asking the right questions.

He's now worked with enough entrepreneurs and sales professionals to realize that so many of them are the exact opposite - they avoid systems whenever possible and struggle to even discover what they don't know.

This is where John has been able to bring his superpowers to the game of business and help so many of those folks find their blind spots and then put together simple and powerful frameworks to move through them.

John admits that he's not "wired to be a salesperson" in the traditional sense.  But, as Matthew Pollard teaches, introverts and those who aren't the stereotypical "outgoing salesperson", have tremendous advantages when they build and operate from systems.

I can't express how much fun we had in this episode.  We could talk with John every day.

We dive into a whirlwind of other topics:

- The power of journaling.

- How the words you say are important, but the way you say them is much more important.

- His daily accountability show with the great Jake Jordan.

- How a coach can make all the difference - but only if the dynamic is right.

- The best gameshow we'd all like to watch.

- And why it's the best time to be in business right now.