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Dec. 17, 2020

Ep12 Brian Jenkins - Business Growth Through Personal Expansion

Ep12 Brian Jenkins - Business Growth Through Personal Expansion

Today on the show, Strategy + Action = Business growth through personal expansion - we’re talking about how your business may be destroying your life.

Brian  Jenkins is on a mission to empower high-achieving people with big goals and who strive to be the stellar version of themselves.  As a resident of the Canary Islands, he has a deep passion for promoting the growth in human potential.

He finds over and over again that even when someone has achieved some success in business, a lot of times other areas are being neglected and fall apart - which ultimately will circle back and bring down the business as well.

One of the core secrets that make him such an effective coach to help those folks is that he's coaching himself ... from years ago.

You see, Brian can guide his clients through the brutal, messy parts of themselves to get to the other side because he's been exactly where they are.  And he got himself to the other side first.

Being vocal with those experiences not only helps him attract those folks needing help, but it earns him an immense amount of trust with them as well.