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Dec. 10, 2020

Ep10 John Logar - Performance Mindset and Killing Ducks

Ep10 John Logar - Performance Mindset and Killing Ducks

Strategy + Action = A performance mindset and a plan for killing your ducks

Just launching your business?  Wanting to grow and expand your existing company?

Here's the recipe:

Watch this full interview with John Logar.  Take action on what we cover with him.

Then, tomorrow ...

Wake up.  Watch this full interview.  Take action.

You get the idea.

John Logar is a legendary consultant, coach, and agency owner responsible for the success of many of the top consultants and marketers working today.  John has built a massive network of some of the most accomplished business owners and thought leaders around.  He’s done it by showing up and bringing, useful, tactical value wherever he goes.

You see, besides the multi-million dollar agency he’s built along with his thriving coaching and consulting business, I know the heart that John has.  I’ve seen first hand the deep caring and commitment he has to members of his Consulting Rocket program, his in-person trainings, and his one-on-one sessions.

It’s one thing to have all the answers for the people you work with … but it’s much more impactful when you care enough to make sure they succeed.

John is a master at that and it's just one of many reasons he has created so much success over the years.