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Sept. 8, 2020

Ep1 Raj Daniels - Building a World-class Network

Ep1 Raj Daniels - Building a World-class Network

On Ep1 with Raj Daniels, Strategy + Action = A massive network and becoming a world-class Connector.

We’re honored to have Raj Daniels on the first episode of Strategy + Action.

He is the perfect person to speak to our topic today of building a meaningful, strong network of people and how that turns into a bigger life, a better business, and a rich legacy.

Raj is currently the Director of Strategic Partnerships and Sustainability Initiatives at Nexus PMG, a management and consulting firm focused on guiding lenders, developers, and owner teams through every phase of capital infrastructure projects.

As part of his role there, Raj has started the Bigger Than Us podcast.  Nearing 100 episodes, he is talking to leaders at companies like Lyft and Kickstarter, as well as founders of global organizations changing the face of energy.

Raj brings a perspective born from creating success in so many areas, from growing up running stores with his family in London, to being a strategy consultant for numerous companies; investing in real estate, being the founder and CEO of a SaaS company built entirely around bringing people together offline, running a weekly blog, and now a published author of the book, For You, From Me.  Above all of those things is his role as a husband and a purposeful and intentional father of three girls.

Raj is the epitome of Strategy + Action - deciding on a direction for his life and going toward it steadfastly.  One day at a time, evaluating along the way and calmly pushing through any obstacle until he gets there.