Welcome to Strategy + Action
Sept. 4, 2020

Ep0 - Introducing Strategy + Action

Ep0 - Introducing Strategy + Action

It’s time to think bigger and make bold moves to create the life and business you were meant for.

We’re here to give you the latest in marketing strategies and the confidence to put them into action.

We bring you hard-working entrepreneurs starting from scratch and visionary leaders of cutting-edge companies looking to scale.

You have a front-row seat as we guide these business owners to a path of massive growth through customized marketing approaches and creative sales initiatives.

Welcome to Strategy and Action.

Johnathan King and Jason Croft are teaming up to bring you some insights on growing your business by sharing what’s working for successful practitioners across a vast array of industries.

We both consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to have a “forever expanding” network of accomplished, driven people who are growing businesses of their own, taking companies to new levels, and living lives of constant improvement.

We want to share those folks with you, whether they’re entrepreneurs we’ve known for years or some of the industry leaders we’re meeting every day.

With this show, we are taking the medium beyond simply bringing people on to tell their stories. We want you to experience what we’ve been able to: getting their insights and expertise around what makes them great. 

So, each episode will focus on a valuable topic, industry practice, or unique look at what’s going on in the world. We’ll dig into the “meat" of the topic with our guest each week to get insider knowledge that allows you to look at it a brand new way.

Upcoming episodes with Raj Daniels, John Selzer, Stephen Olmon, and Nadim Ahmed will all leave you better than you were.

Thanks in advance for supporting the show.